Bus Engine Maintenance Tips – Use Right Oil Viscosity

Nations Bus SalesThere is a saying in the automobile industry “maintenance is money”. A car, bus, truck or any other vehicle well maintained properly and in a timely manner can give you a safe and comfortable ride for some additional years. You can add a few more years in the life of your vehicle. There is a huge segment of public that relies on buses to commute. School, college, commercial and public buses are common sights in every big and small city in the world. City dwellers, students, office goers etc rely on this mass transit to reach their destinations. This makes maintenance of bus engine an essential job that must be accomplished properly and regularly. Preventive maintenance always keeps your bus ready for the road to offer a safe and comfortable ride to commuters.

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Use Right Oil Viscosity

If you drive in changing climates and seasons, especially if you are using a starting aid, keep a close eye on the engine and remember, starting aid should not be a substitute for oil with the right viscosity. Buses operating in cold climate require low viscosity oils. High viscosity oils can damage the engine. An engine started with sluggish oil does not receive proper lubricant. It is one of the major causes of engine wear.

Change Oil/Air Filters In A Timely Manner

You should inspect and change oil/air filters on time if you do not want to damage engine bearings. When you are not replacing filters in a regular span of time, oil filter restrictions are raised due to full flow. This may open full flow oil filter bypass. This causes the debris caught in filter reach and wash through the main bearing of the engine.

You may not notice an immediate impact of this bus engine maintenance negligence; however, eventually this will be the main cause of failure of the main bearing of the engine. Delayed replacement of filters also has negative effects on the cam follower and camshaft bushing.

Choosing Right Engine Oil

The need of supplementary additives is completely eliminated when you are using the right engine oil. It offers two-fold benefits, your engine is saved from wear and the cost of supplementary additives is also stamped out. This will increase the durability and component reliability of the engine.

When some part of the engine is damaged due to maintenance negligence, it is likely to be replaced. In this situation, you can either search for excellent used minibus parts for sale or buy a brand new part. But remember, maintenance negligence costs a lot of money, and regular and proper maintenance is surely a great money savior.

Remember “maintenance is money”.


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