Five Tips for Inspecting a Used Bus before Buying

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For schools, colleges or any other commercial or non-commercial organisations, buying a used bus is the most affordable option. When your financial plans and the cost of new bus do not coincide, still you can buy a bus in excellent conditions. However, making a purchase without doing proper homework is the least intelligent thing one can do. The amount you are going to pay to the dealership or the owner is not the only money you have to shred; there are several ownership costs that may dig deep into your wallet. You certainly do not want your hard-earned money to be poured down the drain. When you do not want to be deceived by an unauthorised dealership offering new and used buses for sale, you have to be acquainted with these five vital factors. Continue reading “Five Tips for Inspecting a Used Bus before Buying”


Questions People Usually Ask Before Buying Used Buses.

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Managers interested in adding one more bus in their fleets has one common question to ask. Which will be more beneficial for the business, a used bus or a new bus? If you are purchasing a bus for your fleet not to replace an existing bus then it is really a good sign. Your business is growing.  Now the question is, new or used? When someone suggests a customer to buy a pre-owned bus, the customer is likely to ask, “why shall invest in buy a pre-owned bus, why not a new one?” A new bus has a new engine, new body and new features. Maybe these features are not available in a pre-owned bus.

New buses are however very expensive as compared to the used bus. When your financial conditions do not allow you to fork out for a brand new bus, you should look for a used shuttle bus for sale in Hawaii. To find used buses you can explore the inventories of dealerships offering used and new buses sale services. Nations Bus Sale is the best place to visit in Florida when you need immediate delivery of new and used buses for sale. You can easily buy a used bus at affordable prices that will fit your needs. Continue reading “Questions People Usually Ask Before Buying Used Buses.”

How Bus Financing Service Can Be Beneficial For Customers


The budget of contractors and school districts is prone to the recession. Due to limited funds, contractors and mangers either have to delay replacement of old buses or make do with less. However, when the economy is destabilised, school districts and contractors still have some useful options like lease-purchase, affordable lease and bus financing. Now it is up to them to make a decision that will be beneficial for them not only in the period of financial crisis, but also after this period of crisis is over.

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How to Make Bus Engine Cooling System Ready For Winter

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Be it winter, summer or spring, the coolant of a bus engine never gets a sigh of relief. Therefore, bus engine cooling system maintenance is not a seasonal-job. As the temperature goes down, this time you have to look for perfect anti-freeze solution. This is the time to protect the engine from winterization. Proper coolant mixture can provide adequate protection from freezing especially when the temperature drops below zero, typically -10 to -20 degrees.

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Bus Engine Maintenance Tips – Use Right Oil Viscosity

Nations Bus SalesThere is a saying in the automobile industry “maintenance is money”. A car, bus, truck or any other vehicle well maintained properly and in a timely manner can give you a safe and comfortable ride for some additional years. You can add a few more years in the life of your vehicle. There is a huge segment of public that relies on buses to commute. School, college, commercial and public buses are common sights in every big and small city in the world. City dwellers, students, office goers etc rely on this mass transit to reach their destinations. This makes maintenance of bus engine an essential job that must be accomplished properly and regularly. Preventive maintenance always keeps your bus ready for the road to offer a safe and comfortable ride to commuters.

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